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The Paso Robles Wine Country is one of the fastest growing premium vineyard and winery regions in California.

By Laurie Daniel — I wouldn?t think of having Thanksgiving dinner without wine at the table, but the turkey day feast presents a number of challenges.

Because of the numerous side dishes, the range of flavors in the meal is mind-boggling, from sweet to tart to savory. I don?t think it?s an exaggeration to say that Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most difficult meals to pair with a single wine or even a couple of wines.

After lots of experimenting, I?m convinced that red wine is the way to go. I?ve settled on pinot noir as my go-to wine for Thanksgiving. (A close second would be syrah and other Rhône-style reds; for some ideas, see last week?s column about Paso Robles syrah.)

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